Market Your Business with Playing Cards

Have you or a client ever considered printing up T-shirts, tote bags or bumper stickers advertising your business? It’s always a good idea to create some kind of giveaway for potential and current clients to make them feel valued and reinforce the brand. So what’s stopping you?

Is it that some of these ideas can be too expensive and some seem old-hat, like they’ve already been done before. It is true that you can’t go out shopping these days without seeing at least a dozen branded reusable tote bags.

Maybe it’s time to try a free gift that’s completely unique, will make customers happy and help them remember your business. I’m talking about playing cards! Printing a deck of cards with a custom design related to your business, service or product is an excellent way to market to current and potential customers.

Combine a 3.5-inch by 2.5-inch die cut, which is the standard shape of a deck of playing cards with thick, coated paper stock and the right design. Now you’re on your way to dealing out cards and marketing your business at the same time.

Back of card design
Design-wise you need to come up with one image for the back of the cards. This image is important as it will be repeated on every card. It can be a photograph or an illustration related to the business or industry. It’s always best to include the company name, logo, Web address or phone number on the back of the cards, so that potential customers can find you.

Front of card design
For the front of the cards, first come up with the general layout for all 13 cards, from the two all the way up to the ace. Keep the fonts the same throughout the design process so the deck is consistent. You can get truly creative on the face cards ( jack, queen and king) for example, you could put the face of the company CEO on every king card.

Once you’ve come up with a set of 13 cards, go back and vary the designs using color and icons to reflect all four suits – hearts, clubs, spades and diamonds – for a total of 52 playing cards. Although hearts and diamonds are traditionally red and spades and clubs are black – it would be an interesting twist to throw the company colors or logo colors in to differentiate the suits.

Finally add to the deck two joker cards and one or two “information” cards that include a bit about your company; why you’ve designed the cards; and how to get in touch via telephone, in person or online.

Finishing touches
There are a variety of ways to package the cards together, including decorative bands, cellophane or plastic wrap and even boxes. It may also be a good idea to print a stickers to adhere to the front of each packaged deck. The stickers could advertise your business and identify the contents of the package as a free deck of cards.

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  1. Alex April 6, 2011 at 7:02 pm #

    That’s definitely a cool idea because we do it with a company called by uploading a portfolio of our company’s work. Their playing cards page is at:

  2. Jacky July 11, 2011 at 6:39 pm #

    We’ve use Printerstudio several times too and found them to be professional. The printing quality is as good as you’ll get for playing cards


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