Creative Ideas from a Vintage Valentine

Remember in school when the entire class taped brown paper bags to the front of their desks bearing each student’s name. Then in the middle of the school day, the teacher would let all of the students get up and circle around the desks, dropping their stack of Valentine cards one by one in to the other student’s bags. The excitement continued as each student raced back to their desk to see what cards they received and who they were from.

There is nothing like an old-school valentine card (do you like me? Check yes or no…). And even though you may not have been a graphic artist when you were in the 5th grade, I’m sure you took note of those great Valentine’s Day card designs. Now called “vintage,” those types of designs still hold an important part in the timeline of graphic designs throughout the years, and can provide some much needed inspiration for your Valentine’s Day designs today.

Here are some fun vintage designs:










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