Zoom in! Inspiration From Looking at the Ordinary Very Closely

Have you ever looked a sponge? I mean really looked at it? Have you brought it so close to your face that you can see the inner pores and color variations? The pattern is so intense and varied, yet consistent and interesting. What about a stuffed animal, your favorite sweater or the inside of a candy bar? These textures and fabrics can give you an interesting background for your next project.

Doing research for this post, I found some really cool magnified pictures of food that were used in an interesting and different way. Since the food was zoomed in, it resembled a landscape where characters were added to complete a portrait of human life. They reminded me of a similar project that I completed in design school. Playing with perspective, space and depth, I was able to make an optical illusion by fusing microscopic spaces with objects that would normally be in a large area.

When looking for different ideas on how to tackle your next interesting project, try thinking about your surroundings in an unconventional way. What would it be like to be an ant and look at a coffee can as the size of a skyscraper? What would it be like to be a giant and look at a skyscraper as the size of a coffee can? Think of “Horton Hears a Who,” where an entire civilization existed on a floating speck. From their perspective, the world they lived in was large and all encompassing; but an even bigger, vaster world existed all around them and they didn’t even realize it.

Looking at an object from a magnified point of view can offer a world of different creative ideas. If you had to design a baby announcement, a fun way to go about it would be to think of the world in the baby’s viewpoint. Large exaggerated faces making baby sounds, colorful shapes and shiny objects grabbing your attention, all of these things would represent the baby, and a fun couple might get a kick out of the idea. Let your imagination run wild and see what you can think of with when you look at objects up close!

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