Vintage Letterhead Design

Back in the day, people wrote letters for business all of the time. Letterhead design was as important then as home page design is today!

I still believe a handwritten note on personal or company letterhead can make recipients feel extra-special. It’s an especially handy tactic for following up on a job interview, a business meeting or a pitch.

Here are some lovely vintage letterhead designs from around the web to inspire you!

Walt Disney’s Wonderful World of Color letterhead. Via

Johnny Depp’s letterhead. This a contemporary example of personal letterhead with a “vintage” aesthetic. Via

MGM Studio’s inter-office memo design from the 1950s. Via

Brody MotorFrate, a trucking company’s letterhead. This and other examples of vintage trucking letterhead via

A drop shadow never looked so good! Vintage letterhead from H.N. Heusner and Son Inc., a cigar company. Via

There are many wonderful vintage letterhead designs, including these beauties, featured on