10 Unusual Street Signs

We often think about detailed imagery like brochures or billboards when we think of graphic design, but there are many other industries that utilize graphic designers, including the government. Remember, imagery as simple as a street sign is considered a graphic design and someone has to create it — why can’t that be you! Creative graphic designers have come up with these 10 real street signs that have an unusual and fun twist.

  • http://www.csandg.com.au Signs Melbourne

    Hey nice collection! I especially love that hardcore moose. He’s trashed that car and is just staring down as he’s saying “Come on! Is that all you’ve got?” Cool.

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  • http://www.leapgraphics.com Valerie

    Thanks! Let me know if you see any strange ones, and i’ll be sure to post them!

  • http://brittbrouse.wordpress.com/ Britt

    I love the moose too! and the no smoking. the guy looks like such a neurotic!