12 Inspiring Snow Patterns

This post is for all those people out there who claim to be “sick of the snow.” I want to show you how beautiful and inspiring the snow can be. Below is a roundup of Flickr photos that showcase the patterns that snow can create when it interacts with our landscape.

Each of the photos has a special graphic design sensibility to it. I am sure there are hidden design elements, patterns and shapes in these images that can be tweaked to become part of a logo design or website background. Many of the photos below would also be wonderful to feature on calendars or on the front of an invitation, greeting card or postcard.

Enjoy the 12 inspiring snow patterns below:

Image via Flickr user themadcanudist.

The power lines, lights, trees, train cars and snow-covered tracks all create beautiful repetition and patterns here.

Image via Flickr user kirstyhall.

With snow on top, this industrial metal grate becomes a soft eyelet pattern.

Image via Flickr user the bridge.

The variation in shape and size of each little snowball gives this image a lot of movement. It looks like the snow is bursting forward from the plant.

Image via Flickr user knottyboy.

The perspective on this shot is great because I am not sure if we’re looking at a twig or an entire tree. I like the pattern happening between the snow and branches and the contrast with the blue sky.

Image via Flickr user Sara Björk.

The snow on this plant makes it look like a piece of underwater coral.

Image via Flickr user Per Ola Wiberg ~ Powi.

I like how there are two patterns at play here, the pattern of light and dark undulations in the snow and also the smaller animal tracks cutting across the landscape.

Image via Flickr user cogdogblog.

Snowfall makes a chain-link fence into an amazing geometric design.

Image via Flickr user ahisgett.

A ladder of snow arrows pointing up or a tree covered in snow.

Image via Flickr user Bitman.

I especially like the contrast between the pattern of stark white cars and the stacked walls of the bright building.

Image via Flickr user D'Arcy Norman.

The repeated shapes of the roofs are mirrored in the jagged mountains in the background.

Image via Flickr user spatulated.

Light hitting the falling snow creates lines and waves. The tree branches jutting in from the left make the image and patterns even more powerful.

Image via Flickr user Joe Shlabotnik.

It’s an ordinary railing, but the addition of the snow “drop shadow” makes me do a double-take and exaggerates the pattern of the wrought-iron posts.

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