Green Design Links for Earth Day

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Tomorrow is Earth Day. You may wonder what graphic design has to do with sustainability and being environmentally friendly. If you think about it, there are ways for every kind of industry, even the graphic design industry, to make greener choices.

Here are a few links to green graphic design tips, apps, resources and organizations in honor of Earth Day!

  • What Defines a Green Printer?
    How do you know if your printer is taking measures to be more environmentally friendly? This post offers some great tips about what to look for in a green printer.
  • 10 Free iPhone Apps to Help You Go Green for Earth Day
    If you have an iPhone, then check out’s list of 10 free iPhone apps that can help you to make more environmentally friendly choices in your life. There’s apps for tracking your carbon footprint and looking up what kinds of harmful chemical pesticides may be on your fresh food. has a similar list of its picks for Top 10 Green Apps.
    All graphic designers should bookmark this page and use it as a resource to make more environmentally sound design and printing decisions. contains guidelines for eco-friendly printer and paper selection, as well as list of common green myths and useful links.
  • Design Can Change
    This initiative aims to unite designers and collectively promote environmentally friendly design choices. The website is a place where graphic designers can become part of the movement or find out more about about green graphic design on the resources page.

In addition to the links above, here are a few PsPrint blog posts about green graphic design from the archives:

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