14 Twitter Design Feeds to Follow

When it comes to Twitter use I find there are two camps: the evangelists and the know-nothings. The Twitter evangelists will rant about how great the platform is and they will be really active users. The know-nothings are the folks who have set up a Twitter account and that’s about it.

If you are like me, you fall somewhere in between. While I do not obsessively update and monitor Twitter, I find it is becoming my go-to source for news and inspiration. Instead of checking multiple news sources in the morning, or going to a Google reader page that aggregates articles, I let me Twitter contacts lead the way.

During the past year or so, I have cultivated a great list of users who Tweet about design. If you are new to Twitter, or want to try it out, follow these 14 folks for updates on design, branding and more!

14 Twitter Recommendations for Graphic Designers













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