9 Chinese New Year E-card Websites

Image courtesy of Bob Jagendorf

The Chinese New Year begins on February 14 and so far on the PsPrint blog, we’ve given you a rundown on what the holiday entails, and how to create a Chinese New Year calendar and greeting cards!

I will usually say that a printed communication works better than a digital one, but if you are looking to send Chinese New Year e-cards, there are a few great sites out there with original designs that you can customize.

There are also sites where you can upload your own image and create a Chinese New Year e-card from scratch. So while I encourage everyone to send real, printed greetings, you can check out these e-card sites for inspirational ideas to use in printed materials and for sending out e-cards.

The first seven sites listed are standard e-card sites with set designs that you can customize with color choices, music and text:

1. 101ChineseNewYear.com
2. 123Greetings.com
3. BlueMountain.com
4. Care2.com
5. ChineseNewYearEcards.com
6. EcardMountain.com
7. Zazzle.com

The remaining two sites allow for a more customized e-card, either using images provided through the site or your own uploaded images. To find original images, such as the one associated with this blog post, try searching the Wikimedia Commons for “Chinese New Year.” Just pay special attention to each image’s creative licensing.

8. Pingg.com
9. Delivr.net

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