Holiday Card Design Contest – 2011 Winners

PsPrint Winner
PsPrint staff and designers chose the creative card of Megan Pralle as the top pick for the PsPrint Design category.
  Design Category Winners
Laura Carr received 1,665
votes and is the winner in
the Design category.
  Humor Category Winners
Jason Nocera received 1,620 votes and is the winner in
the Humor category.
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  1. Megan Pralle
2. Magen Mitchell
3. Rhonda
4. Russ Petersonater
5. Karen Adair
  1. Laura Carr
2. Joey Mendoza
3. Gaelyn Larrick
4. Cindy Couling
5. Gaelyn Larrick
  1. Jason Nocera
2. Magen Mitchell
3. Jason Nocera
4. David Russell
5. Joseph Alvarado

The voting for PsPrint’s $10,000 Holiday Card Contest is over, and the judges and the people have spoken! Congratulations to our fabulous grand prize winners and to our remarkable runners-up in our Design and Humor categories! We always knew our customers were creative geniuses, but the holiday greeting card designs that were submitted blew our minds! Take a bow – all of you! You’re all winners as far as we’re concerned!

PsPrint’s $10,000 Holiday Card Contest was open to anyone more than 18 years of age who opened an account on PsPrint’s blog. Graphic designers, students, PsPrint fans and customers were highly encouraged to enter. The response was amazing, and at times, almost overwhelming! Greeting card designs poured in for two categories — Design and Humor — and kept our holiday cards judges hopping. When the 15 finalists in each category were announced online, the potential design contest winners were advised to encourage their friends, neighbors, relatives, co-workers and even strangers to vote for their holiday greeting card designs!

Each of our three grand prize winners will receive a $2,000 gift card from Apple, HP or Amazon, plus free greeting card printing of their winning greeting card designs – 1,000 holiday greeting cards each! The lucky runners-up will each receive a $250 gift card from Apple, HP or Amazon, plus free greeting card printing of their holiday cards – 250 holiday greeting cards each! We’ve always said PsPrint is the best discount greeting card company online, and we think the prizes in this holiday card contest prove it!

Wish you’d entered the holiday card design contest? Don’t despair! We’ve got more greeting card design contests coming soon, all with great prizes, including gift cards and free greeting card printing! Stay tuned to PsPrint’s blog for the next greeting card design contest!