Conduct Happiness, Shotgun Players and more

I give all the entries into our Movie Poster Design Contest two thumbs up! Our Movie Poster Design Contest was a rollercoaster ride filled with clever ideas and great design. See for yourself in our blog post revealing all the prize winners and a gallery with all the awesome entries.

The grand prize winner of our Movie Poster Design Contest was “The Fifth Element,” by Josue Cruz.


Along with his $1,000 Amazon gift card, Cruz won free printing of his winning poster, which means it qualifies for this week’s Hot Off the Press, which is like a bonus prize, if you ask me.

If you missed out on this design contest or entered and didn’t win, don’t fret. We have more exciting design contests coming soon, including our popular Holiday Card Design Contest, so be on the lookout for that. It’s starting sooner than you think. In other words …


So, while you wait on the edge of your seat for the contest to start, check out some other cool customer artwork that caught our eyes this week.



Front and back of a business card by George Wilkinson for Spirit Gallery Tattoo


Sheet stickers by Joe and Robyn Moshier for Conduct Happiness


Postcard by Rye Purvis for Hyper-Nation

Poster for Shotgun Players designed by R. Black

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