ABSOLUTely Clever! 10 ABSOLUT VODKA Campaign Ads

Very few ad campaigns have been as memorable as ABSOLUT VODKA.  That bottle shape, which has sparked marketing ideas for more 25 years, continues to draw millions of vodka lovers and artists alike to its product.  These campaigns are not just pretty pictures, either.  In 2004, ABSOLUT VODKA manufactured its 1 billionth bottle in Ahus, Sweden.  And the company continues to grow.  With a new limited-edition bottle debuting, ABSOLUT GLITTER, and new flavors being produced, this company not only looks good, but has proved its success in marketing and business.

Here are 10 very clever ABSOLUT VODKA campaign ads.

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  1. Adriana Web design Brisbane October 24, 2010 at 9:09 pm #

    Grat post!! I had not seen these ads! Love the one about temptation.
    And the Absolut L.A. !

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