10 Stunning Fashion Design Sketches

How many of us are addicted to watching “America’s Next Top Model,” “Project Runway” and other similar shows. I bet a lot of graphic artists tune in every week to see the fashion industry showcase what’s new, hot and in style. Why are we so interested? Because fashion is art. The combination of color, form, texture and shape are apparent in every good design. For your next project, take into consideration how these 10 fashion designs make you feel. Their combination could be the muse for your next great idea!









Tracy Reese

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  • http://www.topshopdresses.com Georgiann Klyn

    Hi, Stumbled upon your post looking for style tips. Dont you just love the internet!! Useful stuff everywhere, talking of which its Vogues 90th anniversary. Im of the opinion that they still lead the way for style, what do you think?

  • http://www.leapgraphics.com Valerie

    You are absolutely right Georgiann, not just because they are innovative and trend setting, but because they realize that style isn’t just determined by our American standards.

    Vouge’s editions in other parts of the world have features that bring the styles and trends from across the globe into the hands of those who may not have been able to get a first hand glimpse of this type of international flavor. How inspirational!

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    Is the fashion important to every person?

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