Try a new angle on an old idea

It might sound crazy to equate home buying, mortgage companies and printed materials, but think about it. Sort of let it sink through; the metaphor, the hyperbole. There is some common sense there. Things that we all know, but have made overly complicated through the years of “experience.” It has gotten to the point that old knowledge can be thought of as an attitude changer. You can really shake things up using school boy lessons and presenting them anew.

Now, take that same thought process to your printed campaigns. Present the same stuff as before, but put a new angle on it. Simplify it. Purify it. Electrify it. Sounds like a song almost, lyrical even. Do not let that diminish the truth behind it. If you want help figuring out how to do that, comment on this post. I am always glad to try and help you. A little brainstorming never hurt any business.

Maybe I sound like a broken record with the brainstorming thing, but it works. You are not a bastion of strength that will not benefit from the ideas of others.

Have you used this way of thinking to develop a new campaign? I would love to hear about it.

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