Brand recognition is for every business

Branding and producing printed materials are a key part of any marketing plan and serve to support sales, public relations and image building efforts. Your company will need to design a logo and place it on stationery, business cards and signs. Along with these, the logo must appear on all of your brochures, direct- mail pieces and other publications.

The logo itself can take quite a thought process. Pepsi recently paid a company $10 million to design a new logo for them. A chunk of change like that is a huge waste. Their logo is recognized the world over, but your company is struggling to be seen.

Start by thinking what you company stands for and the industry that you are in. A movie company may want a reel of film in their logo. Often, vibrant color enhances the logo and embeds it into customers’ minds. Gerber sells baby products, so a baby was a natural logo and company image. Your logo needs to incorporate obvious representations of both the industry and company.

Once you have your logo designed, it is time to look for the right print company to meet all of your needs. Ordering things piecemeal from different companies opens you to the chance that the logo will be inconsistent from printer to printer.

Finally, get that logo in front of as many people as possible. Do not let a single piece of correspondence leave your office without that logo on it.

Do you have any other suggestions on how to go about designing a logo? Maybe there is a different way to go about garnering brand recognition?

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