CRM: Pizza boxes and profits

pizza-boxThere is a little pizza shop here in town. A mom and pop that only has one location, but they make the best pizza around, and they make a habit of getting your order right the first time. Their service and food would be enough to make most people order from them again, but, just to make sure, they put coupons on the pizza boxes. Maybe you are asking yourself, “So what? I’ve seen it a thousand times.” To tell you the truth, it is a big deal in terms of return sales.

This is actually CRM (customer relationship management) on a very low budget and in its most basic form. Why would a shop with one location buy expensive software to do what the common, everyday coupon can? The owners of small businesses such as this one usually do not have a business degree, so they may not even know what CRM. They do know what has worked for them in the past, and what motivates them to buy. A bargain or discount goes a long way in any economy.

The coupons that come on the pizza box are usually torn off and hung on the refrigerator, which keeps the business’ name in front of customers’ eyes for an extended period of time. They work like a commercial each time someone walks by the fridge. It almost flashes a beacon that says: “For a midnight snack call the Pizzeria!”

Satisfied customers are going to buy again. Customers with a coupon will buy again. Combine the two and you can see the correlation between pizza boxes and profits. Do you use a low-cost CRM? What do you do to keep your company’s name in front of your customers’ eyes and in their thoughts?

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