The ‘everyday guy’ pays off

Recently, I was asked to define the process I use to identify the customers that I approach and go after. As I thought the whole process through, it dawned on me that finding a new customer is a lot like chasing that dream car. You know the one. Every other man in town is on the prowl for it. It has the 350cc that is bored 30 over and a new cam, light sensitive paint and a convertible top.

You seem to want to shoot for the stars. There is an ideal mate in your mind long before you actually meet her. Top of the line is all that is on your mind. Sexy, exciting, not too powerful, easy to manage, but sweet top end that will get you down the road. That is your ideal corporate mate, quick on the sale and not a lot of questions.
Of course, that is a pipe-dream. The best car for you is right across the street or on the other side of town. The customer probably knows exactly what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. Maybe, they already know that you have it but are being coy. They need you to make the first move. Sell them with a feeling instead of a thought.
In business, it will take 20-50 of the everyday customers to make a solid base. After that you can chase the “pretty skirt” with the bottomless bank account. The work-a-day small business guy will make your business secure long before the massive contracts that come around once or twice a year and break your heart in between. It is better to have your heartbroken than to never have tried, but you want your feet on solid ground for the fall.
Not everyone defines their client prospecting process the same. Do you have a specific process that you follow?

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