Fun Ways to Show Off Our Past Presidents

We’ve all seen the pictures of George Washington standing in his finest digs next to the cherry tree … and a Presidents Day invitation showcasing this picture would not be a bad one. But a twist on the old idea is to create an invitation showcasing your version of our country’s past leaders.

What would an abstract George look like? How would Lincoln look against an unconventional background? What does being president mean to you? These are some questions that can get you thinking about your next design. Sure red, white and blue are cool colors to represent Presidents Day and what it stands for, but what about magenta, cyan and white (for you fellow graphic artists ☺)?

Brainstorm about the lives of the past presidents. If you have a younger sibling or child, ask them what they think about Presidents Day. What do they think George and Abraham looked like back then? Have them draw out a picture for you that might spark a creative idea. Ask them what they think you guys would look like as president in that time period, and see how you can link it with today’s celebration. Lastly, check out some of the twists on pictures of our past presidents, and get going!

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