7 Hang Tags for Design Inspiration

This door knob is screaming for a hang tag! Image via Flickr user daBinsi.

When it comes to hang tag promotions, or door hangers,  there are two schools of thought. The first is to create purely promotional hang-tags with offers, prices and a call to action and then go out and paper the neighbor hood with them. This is good promotion for a local or small business, but let me introduce the second school of thought: Designing hang tags with clever, or interactive designs and messaging that customers will take home and display in their homes.

The holidays are a perfect time to take hang tag design to the next level and reinvent this promotional format with fun slogans such as “Rudolph X-ing” or a gift wish list that kids can hang on their bedroom doors. Customers will be happy to take home the free gift. Put your company’s website and your best holiday offer on the reverse side of the hang tag to stay top-of-mind with customers.

Here are some clever, funky hang tag designs to get you inspired. These are not holiday-oriented, but show how creative folks can get with this format:

Two messages, one devilish and one angelic. For the holidays, you could work from this idea — make it “Naughty or Nice.” [Image via www.subversivecrossstitch.com.]

This vintage design comes from El Al Israel Airlines and is part of a cool blog post, where the blogger and designer Michael Lebowtiz, rounds-up a ton of vintage hang tags collected by his grandfather from hotels around the world. For the holidays, give parents a Christmas hang tag that says “Do not disturb  until after 5:00 a.m.” to keep their kids at bay on Christmas morning. [Image via www.lebowitz.net.]

Found this Knob Note product on Urban Outfitter’s website. Nice design and very useful, too! This is a good one to look to if you’d like to design a “Christmas wish list” hang tag. [Image via www.urbanoutfitters.com.]

Designed by Marquand Books, the flip side of this hang tag says, “Now’s O.K.” These really get to the point! [Image via www.marquandbooks.com.]

A die-cut typographic hang tag: The woodgrain design on the paper makes it even better! I could see this die-cut version working with some holiday messages such as “Ho, Ho Ho” or “Happy New Year 2010.” [Image via www.swyyne.com.]

Messages for your office mates: These are very tongue-in-cheek and will spice-up any work environment. [Images via www.netspaze.com.]

A great design for pet owners: Use this one if you run veterinary practice, dog-walking, grooming or pet-sitting service. Just add your URL and telephone number along the bottom. [Image via www.thisnext.com.]


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