Invitation Printing vs. Evites

We write a lot about invitations, when to send them, how to send them, even ideas on how to make them yourself, but we seldom talk about whether printed materials are better than electronic. I think this is because there is no right answer to that question. Some people prefer to read articles online, others would rather die than to give up their printed newspaper. The printing industry has been challenged with online versions of the very items that they produce, but that doesn’t mean that they’re becoming obsolete.

Invitation printing
, for example, is an area that has been hit card by its competition, the e-vite. A fast, easy and in some cases free way to get your invitation out to possible guests, everyone seems to be sending them out for one reason or another. But is the e-vite the best way to go for your next gathering? Consider your audience.

If your grandmother is turning 70 and you want to invite her friends to a birthday party… you might not want to use an e-vite. If you want to invite co-workers to your bachelorette party, you might not want to send an e-vite at work. A lot of theSome times those types of e-mails are suggestive and sending them around your place of business where they could monitor e-mails might not be a good idea. For those situations, printed invitations will be more appropriate for your audience.

If you’re having a party on campus and want to invite half the school really quickly, an e-vite would be great. If you want to invite busy stay-at-home moms to a Hanna Montana birthday party you’re throwing for your daughter, an e-vite might be best. It keeps down clutter, and provides an easy way for them to contact you with any questions.

Always consider who is going to be receiving your invitation, it will help to determine how you should set it up so that they will get it quickly, retain the information, and be responsive to your event and efforts.

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