Cool Print Marketing From the Alternative Press Expo

The Alternative Press Expo is the country’s largest alternative and independent comics convention, so what better place to find creative business cards and postcards, right?

Indie cartoonists, publishers and artists are not lacking in the imagination department, so the business cards and postcards that they come up with to market their art are bound to be smart as well as eye catching if they want to stand out to the thousands of visitors walking by their booths.

Here are some of my favorite examples from this year’s Alternative Press Expo at the Concourse Exhibition Center in San Francisco:

Katy Ellis O'Brien - art, illustrations and comics

Scott Campbell - comics

Steph Cortes - crafter and comic artist

The most popular business card style at APE was the slim business card.

Erika Moen - comics, illustrations, storyboarding and cartoons - Web comic

Andy Ristaino - illustrations, animations and storyboards

Another popular business card characteristic was rounded corners. This slight die cut can make a business card stand out in someone’s wallet.

Eha Comics

Amy Martin - comics and illustration

Dots Dots Dots

Some business cards skipped the unusual shapes, opting to straightforwardly showcase their art in the standard format.

Yingzi Yang - graphic design

One of my favorites from the Alternative Press Expo was Yingzi Yang’s card, which includes the back and the front side of the business card for its design.

Along with business cards, many of the artists opted for postcards to show off their artwork.

Katy Kristin Bowen - artist

Laurent Kermel - digital art

Josh Ellingson - illustrator

Tiny Kitten Teeth - web comic

I think one of the smartest marketing moves is printing bookmarks. It’s a great way to feature your art, and people will actually use them, keeping your name and your work in people’s minds.

Two bookmarks for the graphic novel, "Family Man."

Puna Press - art, poetry, music and more

"Unemployed Man" - graphic novel

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