Get Inspiration for Your Next Mother’s Day Card From Mom

A great Mother’s Day card is one that will touch your mother’s heart and make her feel like the card was written just for her. When designing a card that has such an emotional tie, you want to make sure that you are doing your research of the recipient.

If you’re ever faced with creating a Mother’s day card for someone (or even your own mother) use her character traits as inspiration. Take the small, everyday things about her and turn them into a special keepsake. She’ll never find that same thoughtfulness at Hallmark! Here are some things about mothers that you want to keep in mind when designing the perfect Mother’s Day card.

Her style
Is your mom a flashy dresser? Does she love getting all dolled up to go out on the town, or is she a blue jeans kind of lady? Think about how she addresses the world and how she wants other people to view her. What does she buy for herself or for her home? What colors, patterns and textures is she drawn to? The answers to these questions give you a great base for designing the perfect card.

Her mannerisms
Is she soft spoken? Is she laid back and observant, or is she feisty and creative? Does she resemble a picture perfect Donna Reed or is she more casual like Roseanne? A mother who doesn’t like a lot of fuss probably wouldn’t be drawn to a flashy card as much as she would something more simplistic and natural.

Her hobbies
My mom loves cherries! She collects everything with a cherry print to it. She eats them, decorates with them and her favorite color is red. If I was to design the perfect Mother’s Day card, guess what it would have on it? That’s right … cherries. What does your mom love to do, or collect or spend her money on? What does she stop into the stores to look at, or browse through catalogs and point out? If you were not able to be around your mom enough to know about her hobbies, this would be a great time to ask!

Her dreams

Moms often sacrifice a lot for their children. They can put aside things that they’ve always thought about or wanted to do in order to provide much-needed time, attention and money toward their children’s dreams and future. What a better time to highlight the fact that your mom can still do some of the things on her dream list by saying it in a card. What did she always want to do, or become or experience? Ask about her secret thoughts of doing something incredible, even if she always believed it was impossible. You might be surprised at what she’ll say, but it will give you a wonderful insight into the type of woman that she is and the type of card that she’ll love.


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