Use Your Personal Business Cards to Their Full Potential

Business Cards1We all have business cards (you should if you don’t!), but are we all using our personal business cards to their full potential? A lot of printers will give the options to have calendars or a place to take notes on the back of a standard business card. While these options may be of use to your client at some point in time, do they say anything about you as an artist or help to enforce your brand?

Speaking to my fellow graphic artists, our portfolio work is our bargaining chip. We can talk about our services all we want, but if the potential client doesn’t approve of our work, we’ve lost the sale. Not to mention that the sooner the client sees our work, the better. Even a great graphic artist can miss out on an opportunity if another great graphic artists swoops in and shows off his/her work first. Remember, that unfortunately with some clients, this business is more about value and opportunity than just good old-fashioned quality.

So with your personal business cards, it’s important to get all the value you can out of your marketing purchase. The back of your personalized business cards can be thumbnails of your portfolio pieces, a list of some of your bigger named clients or your mission statement. You could have a fold out business card that can give the client a deeper insight of the types of services that you offer, highlighting some unique or hard to find services that your competition may not offer. If you have a team of artists with their own specialties or strengths, you could list that also, enforcing the idea that your company can provide a wide array of design styles and can handle any type of job. Perhaps a couple of real client testimonials could be sprinkled throughout your business card design to let future clients know how much your services have meant to them.