Postcard Templates and Resources

Postcard marketing is a staple of small business and freelance success. Postcards are less costly to print and mail than regular direct-mail packages. They are also sans-envelope, and recipients don’t have to decide whether or not to open your marketing mail – they can just read it!

Here is a quick roundup of online resources to help with your next postcard marketing campaign. If you are looking for postcard design templates, postcard layout ideas or marketing and printing advice, check out the links below:

Postcard templates and layouts
Maybe you know what you want to say, but just don’ t know how to say it on a postcard? Then visit for a few basic templates that will get you started. For postcard layout ideas that are guaranteed to make an impression, check out this article. There’s also, which has more than 100 fully designed postcard layouts organized by industry. You’d only need to drop-in a logo and business information for any of the $69 designs.

When you are ready to print your cards, check out these postcard printing templates, which include guidelines for live areas and bleeds. There’s also an accompanying article explaining how to use the technical postcard printing templates.

Postcard design and marketing articles is a great resource for all things direct mail, especially postcards. There are articles on response, custom printing, design inspiration and more.

I also published an article on successful postcard design in Print Professional magazine and another article on postcard marketing on the PsPrint blog. Valerie also wrote two more great postcard articles on our blog. The first post is about whether to use digital or offset printing for postcards, and the other post details mailing regulations that may affect your postcard design.


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