8 websites that offer free brushes

You guys know I love free stuff! So I had to share one of the things I use the most in my work: brushes.

They save so much time and energy, because they are pre-made designs or pictures than I can use in my projects.

Just like a stamp gives you an impression when you press it down on paper, a brush does the same thing. It is a picture or an effect that with a click of the mouse, you can have a glowing star, a pretty ribbon, a city building or a picture frame. There are thousands of them, and when I discovered them, they increased my productivity and creativity instantly.

Here is a list of some great places to get quality Photoshop brushes:

Deviant Art (www.deviantart.com)
Q Brushes (www.qbrushes.com)
Brush King (www.brushking.com)
Brusheezy (www.brusheezy.com)
Get Brushes (www.getbrushes.com)
PS Brushes (www.psbrushes.net)
FBrushes (www.fbrushes.com)
Free Photoshop Brushes (www.freephotoshopbrushes.net)

What do you think? What websites do you visit to get brushes?

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