Decorate your holiday display with a custom vinyl banner

santa-sleighHow will Santa ever know how to get to your house unless you show him? A custom vinyl banner can be a festive addition to your holiday display. A light-up plastic nativity scene is great and all … but it can’t send a written message to the entire neighborhood.

It’s always a nice touch to have personalized decorations. You may have something snappier to say than just “Merry Christmas.” You might have a Christmas cause that you’re trying to raise money for, or maybe you just purchased a new home and want to show the whole neighborhood how happy the whole family is in their new home.
Custom vinyl banners are a great weatherproof decoration. You don’t have to worry about one of Santa’s reindeer being blown away due to the blizzard, when that banner can stand the elements with just a couple of hooks.

Ask your printer about the options you can receive for a banner, vinyl is recommended for outdoor use, but can be printed in almost any dimension. The best part is you can buy even more Christmas gifts with the money you’ll be saving on this cost-effective decoration!

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