Direct mailing musts

Today’s competitive marketplace and economy makes it essential that you use direct mailings to promote your business. Positioning your company for increased traffic, growth and sales are the end goals of direct mailings.

The success of your direct-mail advertising campaigns is dependent on the quality of your business as it is perceived by your customers, which, in turn, is derived from the quality of your direct mailings. The design, type of paper, message, special offer and the call to action: The quality of these factors combined will decide whether your mailing is tossed or read.

Mailing lists

To start you will need a relevant mailing list. Whether you get it from your own CRM or the telephone book doesn’t matter. You will have to design each mailing to a specific demographic. Don’t sell video games to the 50-and-older crowd, although that is an emerging market for the next decade.


Postcards convey a short and sweet message that doesn’t bore the customer. They are also the most cost-effective direct-mailing option that you have. They can be made for pennies and earn dollars. Be sure the message is clear and concise with a call to action that is repeated throughout the postcard.

Sales letters

Sales letters are just letters that introduce your business and products/services. They may include a promotional offer and a flyer. This method is most effective if you are offering higher priced items, because this is a higher priced printing service.


These are just a way to keep in contact with a customer. It lets them know what is going on in your company, be it new services or products or special offers. They can demonstrate that you are a leader in your industry. They are great handouts during business meetings and trade shows.

Direct-mail contact with customers is your no. 1 way to drive new traffic to your site and get new calls to your phone. Most direct mailings have a conversion rate of 2 to 3 percent. They are proven profit makers.

Do you use direct mailing in any other way in your company?

E-mail marketing tips

E-mail marketing is another form of direct-mail marketing. It is a great way to get your promotions and offerings out there if it is done right.

Call to action

Be sure to include a call to action several times throughout the e-mail. Include an expiration date. Make the call to action a clickable link to your site or the offer on your site.


Make the style of the e-mail unique to your company or brand. You can add some character to the e-mail in this way. Always include an opt-out option in every e-mail. There is no reason to annoy customers who do not want weekly updates and offers.


Do not write a long e-mail. Too many words usually leads to being marked as spam or not being read a second time. Do not misspell words or use poor grammar. Your e-mail and company will look the worse for it.

E-mail marketing can be a useful tool if it is done correctly. Following these few tips will help you do just that. Do you have any other ideas about e-mail marketing?

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