Expand your graphic resume by entering design competitions

I’m sure people tell you all the time what a talented design prodigy you are. And, of course, you don’t let it get to your head (smile), but you might look at your work and think, “Wow! This is pretty sweet. Your friends, clients and grandma (who is oh-so proud of you) are a great start to getting recognition, but nothing is greater than being recognized by your competition and by experts who, unlike grandma, don’t have to see you on Thanksgiving if your work doesn’t measure up.

I’m talking about design competitions. There are hundreds out there, and entering and possibly placing in these types of events can do wonders for your business. Many of them offer awards, some of them monetary. But all of them come with one very important thing: bragging rights.

If you’re thinking about getting additional recognition for your work, check out some of these cool competitions:

AIGA Annual Design Competition
Communication Arts
American Graphic Design Awards
HOW Design Awards
Web Marketing Association’s WebAward

What do you think? What design competitions do you like to enter?

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