Give a mix CD as a cost-effective gift

CD_Jewel_CaseIt seems like this year money is tighter than ever for everyone. But, it always seems to hurt to cut back on Christmas gifts. Going with a cost-effective gift doesn’t have to mean the gift is plain or cheap. You can still give a great gift that is meaningful and doesn’t put you in the red.

Try compiling a collection of your favorite Christmas songs. Make a play list on your computer and burn it onto several CDs. Purchase clear, empty jewel cases for each of the mix CDs at your local office supply store. Create an insert that will go in the front of the case with a great Christmas scene or a picture of you and your family. Don’t forget to name the title of your CD something memorable.

When guests arrive, have your CD playing in the background. When guests compliment you on the music, make sure to mention that you created the CD and can create a copy for them if they’d like. When gift-giving time comes, pass out the CD and surprise everyone with a copy of the music they’re already hearing and love. Your homemade CDs will be a hit without breaking the bank!

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