How to make your own calendar

There are several ways to make your own calendar. The easiest two are to use your Microsoft Word program or to use the services of an online printing company. Both offer the ability to customize your calendar so that it fits your personal needs. Here are a few tips to follow when using each method.

It is simple to make your own calendar with the Word program on your desktop or laptop. In order to view the entire piece that you are working with, you will want to reduce the view to about 75 percent. You will also want to have the page layout set for portrait. After that, it is just a matter of inserting the right number of columns and rows (six rows and seven columns). It is a really simple process, but it can be quite limiting in that there are not a huge number of page templates for holidays, and you can only print on regular paper stock.

Using a custom printing company to make your own calendar allows you a greater variety of templates and paper stock to print on. Having the option of several templates and the ability to download your own design gives you the flexibility that you crave. There are about a half a dozen options for paper stock, including foil stamping.

Having greater variety and flexibility, plus the convenience of not having to sit by your printer while all of the different pages print off are just a few of the benefits of using an online printing company. The biggest benefit of all is knowing that the calendar that you so lovingly created will be printed exactly the way that you want it to be.



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