Invite guests to your Super Bowl party in style

superbowl2010A great themed invitation is a good way to get guests excited about your gathering. With Super Bowl right around the corner on Feb. 7, you have a chance to use some really eye-catching graphics to make fun party flyers.

When you know which two teams will be playing in the Super Bowl, doing a quick search on the Internet for team images will give you the bulk of your invitation design elements. You’ll know the colors, and perhaps can get images of key players on each team.

It’s also a good idea to look at how the NFL advertises their events. You’ll see that in most sports advertisements for games, there will be a lot of symmetry and balance. Helmets facing each other, players side by side, and team logos on opposite sides all give that feeling of a match up between two rivals. You can easily portray this idea on your flyers when you place one teams information/graphics on one side and the opposing team on the other.

Don’t forget your invitations important information: Who, what, where and when. Be fun with telling people this standard information and any other special instructions (such as wear your favorite team’s apparel, or bring a dish) by using football terminology. Your home could be the “dome” or “arena”. The time could be “kick-off”. If you’re hosting it with someone, you could represent one team and they could represent the other. Any of these ideas and more will guarantee a great Super Bowl gathering.

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