Ideas for rebranding in the New Year

spritenewOf course, 2009 was a great year, but since it’s coming to a close, I’m sure you’re thinking about where you will take your business in the New Year. A lot of the time, we spend so much time and effort focusing on our clients branding needs that we forget about our own. What better time to put out a new face than the beginning of the New Year!

Think about your current promotional material. Take a look at your logo and business cards. Log on to your website and check out your e-mail banners, brochures and flyers. What needs a facelift? What could you update or streamline? What is your focus and strength in the New Year?

Once you get a plan together for your new branding approach, a great idea to showcase it to your target market would be with a launching event. In the same vein as your new branding material, create personalized announcement cards to mail off to your top 50 business prospects. Secure a venue, provide light refreshments and host a event that includes a presentation of your services. Your prospects will be impressed with your new look, and you could gain a great deal of business from just one event.

If your event turns out to be a hit, consider having it on a regular basis, such as once a month, inviting different members of your target market each time. Also, make sure to collect e-mail addresses and contact information from every attendant to make sure that you can keep in touch with them so that the next time they need design services, bringing their business to you will be a no-brainer.

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