Send Online New Year Invitation Cards

In the olden days, when everyone knew everyone else, we all felt it more necessary to know the home phone numbers and addresses of our acquaintances, co-workers, business clients, even the milkman! In today’s modern world, a cell phone number, e-mail address and Facebook page will pretty much keep you connected to everyone else on a regular basis. We rarely give out our home addresses, and more people are getting P.O. Boxes to keep from having to do so. But when the time of the year comes to send out a little customer appreciation by greeting card, we get stuck because we’re missing the home addresses of half of our customer base. I have a solution.

If you’re reading this blog, it means that you have the Internet and probably an e-mail address. Chances are most of your clients, family and friends do, too. This year, try sending out New Year invitation cards online. Create a greeting card design (one side, optimized for the web) in a graphic design program. Insert the graphic into your e-mail and blast it out to all of your contacts to wish them prosperity in the New Year. Not only is it easy on your part, but it saves you having to purchase or order printed cards and postage!

Another option is a greeting card website that is specifically designed to distribute e-cards.,, and along with a ton of other sites are set up for just this reason. Choose a fun card and schedule them in advance to go out on New Year’s Day. This keeps you from having to remember to log on to your computer on your day off, and your clients will come back from their holiday, open up their e-mail, and see a thoughtful notification from you that they won’t forget.

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