Party Invitation Design Tips

party-hatWhat’s a great party without a great party invitation! When you’re having a bash, you want to make sure that your guests are as excited to come to your event as you are to throw it.

It’s important to have a purpose for your party. It might be a “Save the Whales” bash, or gathering simply to welcome back your oldest child from college. Whatever the reason for the party, you want to make sure that these rules are followed:

Infuse the mood of your party into the invitation design
If the party is lighthearted, don’t send out stuffy invitations. People respond to the look and feel of your invitation more than you think. They can choose gifts, their clothing and their plus one based on the impression that your invite’s design gives off.

Make sure to include important information
Who, what, where and when should always be on every invitation that you send. Leave detailed directions if you’re inviting guests who have never been to your home before. Use names of those celebrated if the event is around a particular person. And make sure to specify if there are rules you’d like your guests to follow such as no kids, no pets, black tie, etc.

Spelling and grammar: Check and check again
Be sure not to misspell names or use improper grammar unless you’re using it in a purposeful way. Your backyard ho’ down might allow for you to use some country slang, but a black tie affair might seem a little awkward if the grammar is off.

Have fun with it!
Use your imagination with any invitation that you’re making. Surf the web to find other great invitation ideas and tricks, and don’t be afraid to push the envelope. Your guests will notice all of the effort you put into your next great invites!

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  1. Diane October 20, 2010 at 11:24 am #

    Ive got some great party ideas from this. Halloween is going be a scary one! Cheers

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