Proper Thank-You Card Etiquette

tulip_thank_you_card1239135404_260A quick, simple and easy way to impress your clients and show a little customer appreciation at the same time is to send out thank-you cards. It’s not a new concept, but there are ways to send thank-you cards that are important to follow in order to get your message across properly.

Here are some helpful tips.

Send quickly
Nothing is more awkward than sending a thank-you card months after the service has been performed. Make sure to send the card as soon as possible after the final transaction, but if you’ve forgotten to send it right away, go ahead and send it anyway. Better late than never.

Make sure to say exactly what you’re thanking the person for and why. Sending a generic thank-you card might make your customer feel patronized instead of appreciated.

Don’t send if you’re not thankful
If you had a headache customer who you never want to see again, sending them a thank-you card might not be the smartest option. They may be impressed and come back. Be genuine and appreciate the customers of your choosing.

Address to specific individuals involved
Make sure to use individuals names in your card. No “To whom it may concern” should be used. Whomever worked with you on the project or approved it, should be included.

Handwrite them
Computer-generated cards are not as personal as a nice handwritten note. It shows your client that you’ve taken the time out to personally thank them for their business and want them as a return customer.

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