Tweet Nothings

twitter-logoFor one reason or another Twitter has caught fire and gone mainstream. The main reason , I think, is the instant access to news as it happens.

The attack in Mumbai was instantly broadcast, there were immediate glimpses of passengers being evacuated from the plane in the Hudson River. Our need for instant gratification is serviced by Twitter like never before.

When Twitter first hit the scene, most people looked at it as a fad for time wasters and egocentrics. I still think it is, but to most people it is here to stay and a way to communicate to the world. I’ve tweeted only to feel less of a communicator and more of braggart. For some reason a few people started following me. Why, I’ll never know.

For some reason business has jumped on the Twitter wagon. Most of them are advertising their latest wares or sales, but people are following for just that reason. They can’t wait for sales ads or don’t want to miss the insider trading of secret “Twitter only” deals.

In another post, I will skip over the bitter sounding Twitter bashing and get down to describing the business benefits of Twitter and its massive following.

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