Create a unique flyer using a die cut

die cutMillions of flyers are printed every day. Some are mailed and some are handed out, others are just left for the public to pick up and read. But, what makes one flyer stand out among all the rest? It could be the graphics or the type of text content, but one feature that makes flyers stand out is their shape.

Imagine getting three flyers in the mail: One is a small rectangle, one is a large rectangle, and one is in the shape of a pumpkin. Which one would grab your attention first? Not only does the pumpkin flyer promote an event that obviously is in correlation with the autumn season, but it will stand out because of its unique shape.

Die cuts are a great way to punch up an ordinary flyer design. It can’t help but to reinforce your creative idea and any flyer printing service should be able to offer this feature. Most printers that offer die cuts will have standard sizes that you can choose from and templates that you can use to assure that your final print comes out correctly. If you want a custom shape, make sure to speak with your printer in detail about what you’re looking for so that your final result will come out looking just as great as you envision it.

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