Should you use a calendar template?

It is time to print the calendars for next year. Whew, that was a fast 12 months, wasn’t it? Seems like I just turned my head and away the year went. I am sitting here writing this and wondering if I should try a calendar template for this year’s promotional calendars or try to create them myself and hope the file uploads to the printer and then go through the aggravation a working the whole thing over to make it fit.

I did a little research on the topic to see what was available to me in the way of calendar templates and to see if using one was worth my time. I found that the No. 1 aspect of using a template was the time and cost effectiveness. I have tried to make my own calendar on my desktop, but I had limited success in that I could easily make the calendar, but getting it to jibe with a printers’ requirements was another story. The time saved using a template means more time with the family during the holidays and less time at the desktop.

Another benefit of using a calendar template is the variety of sizes and binding that is available to you. Your calendar can range from 6-inch by 6-inch to 12-inch by 12-inch, and be bound using a flip top Wire-O, as it is called in the business, or it can be saddle stitched. As I was looking around I found that you had to be careful which software the templates were compatible with. I discovered that the best were compatible with Adobe products such as Photoshop or Illustrator.

Should you use a calendar template? I think so. The ease of use and convenience offered by these downloadable templates far outweighs the struggles that you will face if you try to work it out in Word.

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