3 Rack Card Printing Tips

In areas with a regular flow of tourists and visitors, rack cards are a great way to generate traffic. Rack cards are the colorful cards and brochures you see fanned out on shelves at hotels, landmarks and tourist destinations, and they advertise nearby sights, lodgings, restaurants and services.

Businesses and organizations, such as bed and breakfasts, outdoor activities, art galleries, entertainment, restaurants, mom-and-pop stores, markets, parks and other landmarks, can all benefit from rack card marketing. Here are three tips for rack card printing that will make your finished product eye catching and effective:

1. Stand 0ut

Go look at the shelves where your card will sit and evaluate the competition. Pick out the cards that your eye goes to right away and ask yourself why? Size up the competition and choose colors and imagery that are not yet represented on the rack and will stand out. Eye-catching headline copy is also a must. Instead of printing just the name of your business, try copy that actually delivers the benefit of your offerings. For a restaurant, that might be “Enjoy a Home-Cooked Meal,” or for an art gallery, “Local Artisan Wares.”

2. Make an offer

Give folks an incentive to take the rack card with them. The offer can be your headline copy “Save 15% on River Rafting Tours,” or it can be included elsewhere on the card. Many print vendors will perforate or die-cut rack cards to create a tear-away coupon. If you don’t add a coupon, you can simply offer folks a discount if they present the rack card at the time of purchase.

3. Make it local
Market your business’ proximity to any local landmarks or hotspots in town. “Just a block from the Alamo” is a great headline for a hotel or restaurant trying to get increased foot traffic through rack-card marketing. It can also help to include a map of the area and highlight where your location is with respect to local landmarks or main streets. If you know where exactly the rack cards are going to be distributed, then customize them with a “You are here” star on a map and directions pointing them to your location. This will further encourage folks that they are close by and should come visit you!

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