The importance of marketing material

Marketing material can take the form of any number of objects: postcards, business cards and tri-fold brochures. Each of these is important for a different reason, but must be used as a whole in order to become an effective marketing campaign.


These little pieces of marketing material are very frequently overlooked. Postcards are probably the most cost effective way to reach any target market you can imagine. The return on investment (ROI) is extraordinary. For less than 20 cents per piece you can expect a ROI of at least 4 percent.

Business cards

People sling these pieces of marketing material around like they were a dime a dozen and they usually are, but that is not the point. Business cards can help to keep your brand in front of a customer longer than you might think. Branding is the best way to develop more customers. Name recognition and brand repetition causes an increase in sales and is the whole point of marketing in the first place.

Tri-Fold Brochures

As a marketing material, tri-fold brochures are a little slower working than postcards and business cards. On the other hand, they are less apt to be sent into File 13. If designed properly, a tri-fold brochure can explain all of the features of your product, its points of interest when compared to another product, and give a call to action that will incite your potential customer to buy immediately.

Postcards, business cards and tri-fold brochures can be used as part of a complete marketing campaign. Reaching your potential customers is am important step in converting sales to the point of increasing profits. While these are only three parts of an overall plan, they are very integral.

What do you think are the three most important parts of a marketing campaign?

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