The lost art of typography

By Jason Moore

Looking to take your design to the next level?

When pulling a design together you work with the layout, colors and levels of contrast as you tweak or otherwise fine tune the look of the piece. But have you ever gotten everything looking just right, but it just needs that extra something to really shine?

Take a cue from the folks over at I Love Typography and consider how your type might be effecting your look.

“iLT was born from a desire to bring the subject of Typography to the masses. All too often, articles on typography are rather bland and, although informative, do little to elicit feelings of wow.

So, iLT is designed to inspire its readers, to make people more aware of the typography that’s around them. We really cannot escape type; it’s everywhere: on road signs, shampoo bottles, toothpaste, and even on billboard posters, in books and magazines, online … the list is endless, and the possibilities equally so.”

A simple change in font choice, an adjustment in your leading (the space between lines of text) or tracking (the space between letters) can make a huge difference in your reader’s experience and the overall impact and effectiveness of your design.

So, if you feel like your latest project is lacking or if you’re coming down with a case of designer’s block, simply take a look around and see what works for the many types of media that surround us every day. I’m not saying that you should go out and copy everything you find, but take it all in and make it your own. Who knows, maybe your next piece will be what others will start turning to for inspiration!

Jason Moore is an Adobe Certified Expert in Photoshop CS3 and manages the Photoshop Blog, “Jason D. Moore Photography.”


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