Top 5 uses for Twitter

Twitter is a hugely popular microblogging service. The service has moved well beyond the ”What are you doing?” restrictions of its beginnings. Twitter has become a very important tool for social media marketing. Here are the top five ways that you can use Twitter in your social-marketing campaigns.

Building your network. Using Twitter is a great way to build your network since it allows you to follow people with similar interests. There are several tools to use to help you find people who are interested in the same things and may be in the same line of work.

Communicating with your team. You can use Twitter as a small company intranet and connect all of your employees. Twitter is especially useful if your business is completely virtual.

Branding. You can use Twitter to raise awareness of your brand or monitor for uses of your brand name on the site. You can also receive feedback on your product.

Interview virtual employees. If you are looking for a programmer, designer, writer, etc., you can interview prospective employees on Twitter. Another possibility is actually helping your search for those employees. Twitter makes finding a qualified freelancer easier than ever.

Marketing your product. By giving special offers to your Twitter followers you can market new products to a select group of customers and get feedback on that product – a focus group on demand, if you will.

Twitter is still growing, and there is plenty of opportunity to grow with it. Do you have any ideas on how to use Twitter for social media marketing?

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