Unique Die-Cut Baby Shower Invites

Baby shower invites should be fun to design! If you are in a baby shower or birth announcement design rut, think about incorporating a custom die-cut shape into your design.

You can use die cutting to shape the entire invite into a heart or flower for a girl, or a baseball or toy train for a boy.

If you are looking for baby shower invite inspiration, check out the designs below, from other resources on the web and talk to your print vendor about how you can create a custom die-cut baby shower invite of your own!

Folded invite: Talk with your print vendor about creating a die cut for a simple-folded invite. The tiny footprints and cute brown-and-pink theme give the invite a nice touch!

This folded card is no longer for sale on etsy.com, but easy to imitate by working with your print vendor.

Onesie with handmade touches: The invite pictured was handmade by Becky Jensen, an arts and crafts blogger. Using a die cut, you can create the onesie shape, and then customize the invites by hand with real buttons, ribbon and hand-drawn details. Some other shapes to try are rattles, bibs, diapers and strollers.

Create a similar onesie shape using a die cut. This image is from Becky Jensen

A Box of goodies: Baby showers are all about giving and receiving gifts so why not send a small, sweet baby shower invite to recipients along with some candy or treats in a gift box! Uline.com is a great resource for buying boxes in bulk. You can even incorporate a die cut in the enclosed invitation, if you want to get extra creative.

This sample is taken from littlefawns.com, a web retailer specializing in infants through toddlers.

A layered effect: By printing one design element with a custom die cut and adhering it to the front of your invitation, you can create a layered design. Speak with your print vendor for ideas and advice about executing this two-part invite. This sample is from baby-themed stationery currently available on etsy.com.

This sample is from the vendor graciegirlnotes on etsy.com.

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