Photoshop Tutorials for Ralph Lauren and Everyone Else

October 11, 2009

Ralph Lauren’s recent ad that features a model whose head is wider than her waist is just the latest example of what happens when undereducated – or misguided – people use technology. Following an uproar about the zealous use of Adobe Photoshop to present a distorted view of women’s bodies, Ralph Lauren admitted that “we are responsible for the poor imaging and retouching.” With all the free Photoshop tutorials readily available on the Internet, graphic designers have no excuse for not keeping up with the latest techniques. So I’ve compiled a bunch of these tutorials for you, Ralph, and any other designers who’d like to maintain a good reputation. After all, you don’t want to end up on Photoshop Disasters – not all publicity is good publicity. How to make an impressive blog layout – Design Chair How to optimize images for the Web using the Save for Web option – In Obscuro How to scan smooth line art into Photoshop – Tuned Out Frequencies How to design a complete Web template – Tutorial Hero How to create watercolor effects – InfoWorld How to create a simple, vibrant light effect – Blog.SpoonGraphics How to beautify a face – Lunacore How to create dynamic distortion effects – Computer Arts How to create a funny, “milky” text effect – How to make an invisible man – How to create reusable borders – Tutorialized How to create an effect involving gigantic twisters – Photoshop Tutorials How to create a rather interesting, wavy and curving abstract shape effect – PSD Vault How to reduce beard stubble – Photoshop How to zap zits with the Spot Healing Brush – Essential Photoshop Elements How to create urban art – Smashing Magazine How to create a dramatic, gritty effect – Photoshop Frenzy How to create a Photoshop Action – Veerle’s Blog How to create incredibly realistic burnt parchment – Tutorial9 How to create flat 3-D – Media Militia How to create 3-D typography – GoMediaZine How to design a car dealer Web site template – Grafpedia How to draw Nibbler from Futurama – Also, check out PsPrint's previous posts about Photoshop tutorials: Three Scary Halloween Design Effects 15 Must-See Photoshop Tutorials Get Smart With Online Design Tutorials Dynamic Duotones

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