Print marketing: 7 benefits to leverage in your business

December 22, 2020

Print marketing is a powerful way to augment your digital marketing efforts; in fact, many companies rely heavily on print to promote their products and services. Here’s 7 print marketing benefits to help you leverage the power of print and market your business in a new normal.

7 print marketing benefits

1. Print is tangibleUnlike digital ads, customers can hold print marketing in their hands. Tactile qualities such as paper weight and texture play psychological roles in consumer decision making.

2. Print is mobileCustomers can take business cards, brochures and catalogs on-the-go, so prospects can carry your messaging and contact information anywhere.

3. Print offers exceptional targetingWith direct mail marketing, you can target local geographies or those who match your audience demographics.

4. Print can be savedIf your printed materials offer value, consumers are likely to save them and reach out at a later date.

5. Print builds trustOne survey discovered that 82% of Internet users trust print marketing ads when making a purchasing decision. In fact, print is still the most trusted type of ad, and it lends credibility to your business.

6.  Print has a high response rateAccording to, advertisers spent $167 per person on direct mail in 2015 and earned $2,095 – a 1,255% return.

7. Print puts the spotlight on your businessConsumers are inundated with ads on websites, social platforms and in email inboxes – so much so that many use ad blockers to avoid seeing any ads. With print, the focus is on your business: when consumers hold your printed materials in hand, they’re not distracted by competing ads.

Boost awareness (and sales) with print to digital marketing

Both print and digital are powerful marketing strategies, but when they’re combined, results improve significantly. Here are some print to digital marketing ideas you can use for your business. 

  • A postcard that features a coupon code to buy online

  • A brochure that features a scannable link that enables customers to view product demos on their mobile phones

  • sales letter that features a link to your online chat

  • Retail packaging that encourages customers to subscribe to your email list or follow you on social media, alongside the promise of future deals

The reverse works as well. For example, visitors to your website can fill out a form to receive your print catalog or brochure via direct mail. In this manner, you’re able to collect both their email and physical addresses for follow-up marketing, and you get to put your promotional materials directly in the hands of potential customers who have requested them – otherwise known as highly qualified leads.

Print marketing next steps

There’s no doubt print marketing can lend credibility and help promote your new business, especially when it’s used alongside digital marketing. Here’s what to do next.

1. Choose your print strategy

Decide which print marketing tools are best for your business. Consider:

  • Which print products will resonate with your audience?
  • Which will help you promote your business? For example, catalogs are best for retailers, while service businesses often choose brochures
  • How will you distribute your print marketing tools?
  • Which print products are best suited for your budget?

2. Design and print

Turn your vision into tangible tools by:

  • Writing compelling copy that includes benefits and a call to action (not sure what to write? See if your printing company offers copywriting services)
  • Developing an attention-getting design that showcases your benefits (if you’re not a designer, your printing company can craft your design for you)
  • Choosing a paper stock that matches your branding (again, your printer can help)
  • TIP: Always get a proof before you approve your artwork for print. A proof shows you exactly what the finished piece will look like so you can catch potential errors before they become costly

3. Distribute your print marketing

Choose one or more of the following distribution options:

  • Direct mail (postcards, sales letters) or shipping (such as with apparel and promotional products)
  • Public postings, such as with flyers and banners
  • Door-to-door, such as with door hangers
  • In-person leave-behinds
  • TIP: Don’t forget to measure marketing results

Get advice from the business marketing experts at Deluxe. Learn more about printing marketing and how it can help your business today!





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