10 Movie Posters with Inspiring Typography

August 10, 2010

In a guest post on Designcrave.com, fellow PsPrint blogger Jennifer wrote about minimalist movie posters and how even the simplest designs can pique interest. Riffing on the idea of inspirational film posters, here's a round up of movie posters that focus on typography. These posters are from old and new films alike, and all use typography in creative ways. 1. "The Godfather" I love how the letters are part of a marionette. I think I could recognize this typeface anywhere. image via Moviegoods.com 2. "Jaws" The typography and design on this poster are as minimal (and effective) as the soundtrack. Da-Dun. Da-Dun. da-dun da-dun da-dun ... image via Posterwire.com 3. "The Informant" There's something playful about Matt Damon's character hiding behind the type. And I like how they've interrupted the word "unbelievable" with two hyphens. image via Daemonsmovies.com 4. "Sex & The City" While the movie is garish and over the top, the poster is simple and elegant with a great use of color and type. image via Designm.ag 5. "Fast & Furious 4" The F&F typographic outline on a white background just works here. The poster is interesting but very straightforward. image via Designm.ag 6. "Breathless" Classic Jean Luc Godard movie with classic movie poster typeface. image via Impawards.com 7. "The Shining" Brandon Schaefer's series of filmmaker Stanley Kubrick posters is amazing. On the poster for "The Shining," he integrates the typeface into a labyrinth design - a nod to the movie's frigthening conlcusion. image via Flickr.com user Brandon Schaefer 8. "Scarface" This black-and-white poster with its blood-red font is just iconic at this point. I believe the font is called Birch. image via Itellstories.org 9. "27 Dresses" Here's a movie poster that takes all the fine-print, which nobody ever reads, and makes it interesting! image via Pelfusion.com 10. "The Dark Knight" Such a creepy blend of bloody-typography and mysterious photography. This poster design fits the character and the movie perfectly. image via Bighollywood.breitbart.com What are some of your favorite typographic movie posters? Feel free to share links in the comments!

Sonia's picture
Sonia January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

I must say, while I thought "27 Dresses" was a really terrible movie, I really think the poster is cool.

Britt's picture
Britt January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

I agree Sonia! I put 27 Dresses in the terrible movie great poster category.

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

[...] dare to be different using typography as a design element in PsPrint blogger Britt’s post, “10 Movie Posters with Inspiring Typography,” starring excellent films such as “Jaws,” “The Godfather,” [...]

Anonymous's picture
January 07, 2016 03:21 am #

[...] Typography? Love Movies? Then check out these 10 movie posters with creative typography… (read more) [...]

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