3 Customer Loyalty Ideas for Small Businesses

June 27, 2010

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Even if your small business can't afford a CRM (customer relationship management) system, it can still afford to work on customer loyalty. Although loyalty programs work best in a retail environment, these programs may be suitable to companies who offer services or consulting. For all the graphic designers out there, knowing about customer loyalty tactics and suggesting one of these easy-to-implement ideas to a client should earn you tons of brownie points. 1. Punch cards Coffee shops are on to something with the little hole-punch business cards they give to customers. There is just something so satisfying about getting one latte closer to a free drink. It's such a tiny reward, but it means something to customers and can keep them returning to your store. For retailers, the possibilites are endless. I've seen this card work in a thrift store and a wine shop, too! To print a punch card, use a standard business card format that's easy for customers to keep handy in their wallets. Don't forget to include your web address and links to any social media accounts as well, because if the card holders are establishing loyalty in person, there's a good chance they'll want to connect with your brand online as well! 2. Foursquare This solution is not just for the big companies. Foursquare is a mobile application that relies on geolocation and lets users check-in at locations, win badges for repeated check-ins and broadcast where they are to friends. It's a perfect recipe for referrals and repeat visitors to come to your store, restaurant or venue. Small businesses can participate, simply visit Foursquare.com to find out more about running promotions and even implementing a point of sale loyalty program. 3. Coupons Coupons still work as sales-generators and loyalty builders. Just look at the ubiquitous Bed Bath & Beyond coupon. Why would you go to any other store, when you know you can get 20 percent off at that store? Coupons are versatile enough to work for service-based businesses and retail alike. Print coupons as postcards and do a saturation mailing to a particular zip code near your business. Or you can speak to your print vendor about printing coupons that perforated and hang from a magnet for folks to stick on the fridge, along with many other options. If you run an online-only business and wish to use digital coupons, check out this great post on mashable.com, about how to run a successful online coupon campaign.

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[…] A guarantee fosters trust; when you’re so confident in your product or service that you’re willing to offer a refund if customers aren’t happy with it, they’ll feel they can trust you – and trust plays a major role in earning response, sales, and long-term loyalty. […]

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