3 Bookmark Printing Techniques

March 14, 2010

Free works like magic. If you are tabling at a conference or event and you've got free giveaways at your booth, then visitors will flock to there (especially if it's free candy). Free giveaways make customers feel valued and help keep your company or brand top-of-mind. When you give away a little something, you may actually get that customer to sign up for your e-mail list or visit your website or store. Bookmarks are a great free gift for marketing your business or organization. Bookmarks are quick and easy to produce and something that customers will bring home and use. Every time they open their novel, day planner or cookbook - they'll see your company, logo and any messages you want to convey. Here are three unique bookmark printing ideas. Which one will appeal to your customer base?

Really big bookmarks

Most people are hit with thousands of marketing and advertising messages every day, so it helps to stand out from the pack. Break the traditional bookmark mold of 2-inch by 6-inch and go for a 3-inch by 9-inch size. It's not quite a postcard or a flyer, and the large bookmark can include some interesting or inspiring full-bleed photography and text. Go even larger, to a 4-inch by 15-inch size, and you can create a "Coffee Table Bookmark," perfect for keeping tabs on large art and design books that many folks have in their homes.

Fancy bookmarks

Sometimes there's nothing more appealing than making a cup of tea and curling up in bed with a wonderful book. The only thing that could make the experience more luxurious is a luxe bookmark with a silky tassel, beautiful imagery or design and maybe an inspirational quote in shimmering foil-stamped script (Sounds pretty cool, huh?). Don't let your logo or company name overpower the elegance of the design. In a smaller font on the edges of the bookmark, simply print "Courtesy of Company Name."

Useful bookmarks

Yes. You can fit "content" onto a bookmark, even if it's a standard 2-inch by 6-inch size. Printing a few tips, URLs, charts or other information on the front and back of the bookmark can make the free gift even more valuable in customer's eyes. If you own a home or kitchen store, how about including measurement, yield and conversion charts on the bookmarks? Or if most of your customers are local residents, a guide to all the necessary community and emergency telephone numbers. Even jokes or trivia question would be a great addition to any bookmark. Just remember to also include your company, logo and contact information. too!


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