3 Holiday Magnet Ideas

November 17, 2010

Image via Flickr user kpucu.

What happens during the Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and Christmas holidays? A whole lot of hanging out in the kitchen and cooking. If customers are in the kitchen, then try printing and distributing promotional magnets. Take up some real estate on the fridge, and every time a customer opens the door, your business will be top of mind. Here are three ideas for holiday magnet designs: 1. Treat it like a sticky postcard. Use a postcard-sized magnet, 3.5 inches by 5.5 inches to make a big impression on customers. A lot of businesses use postcards as a free in-store or in-office giveaway. These postcards usually have clever photography or illustrations with captions that customers will want to take home and display or share with friends. Print large magnets using the same creative design philosophy that you would on such a postcard. Customers will be excited to get a free magnet for the fridge, and one that's artfully designed and not just a run of the mill magnet with a business name and phone number. 2. Print magnets with content. The larger-sized magnets have enough real estate to include useful content for quick reference in the kitchen. Include a measurement or conversion quick guide, or print up a favorite seasonal recipe and put a festive holiday border around the text. This is another free giveaway that customers will find useful. The magnet will seem thoughtful and  increase the value of your company in their eyes. 3. Create inspirational magnets. Finally, you could print a magnet with an inspirational quote that customers will enjoy every time they walk by. For the holidays, look for quotes about family, togetherness, love and joy. Always print the speaker's name, as it lends gravity to the quote. Another idea for local businesses, is to put a localism or community-centered quote on a magnet along with your company name or URL. If your town is famous for a certain tourist attraction or has been recognized as one of the top 10 great places to live or visit by a major publication, these areas of civic-pride are great to include on a magnet, because your customers, also memebers of the community, will be eager to display such points of pride.

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