3 New Year's Greeting Card Tips

December 6, 2009

Sending out a holiday or New Year's greeting card to your mailing list of friends, employees and clients is a win-win. New Year's greetings will both positively promote your business and make recipients feel appreciated. It's not too late to design, print and mail a sensational New Year's card. To create a New Year's greeting that can help generate sales for your business, read the three tips below.

1. Don't be shy, include a promotion! Wishing clients and friends a happy New Year means you have a good excuse to get in touch with your mailing list. The chance that recipients will actually open your New Year's card is higher, too, because it is not as obvious a marketing tactic as a plain-old postcard or e-mail promotion. Why not give recipients a little holiday gift in the form of a promotion? Include an inserted coupon for a discount on products or services, or print a promotion code in the card for clients to enter at your online store. 2. Provide a call to action Whether or not you include a promotion in your New Year's greeting, as described in tip one, always include a call to action somewhere in the greeting. It can be as simple as listing your telephone number or e-mail address in the card. To get clients to actually reach out to you, compel them with copy such as, "We're sharing a sneak peek of new line of products with select customers;" or, "To share your opinion about our events schedule for 2010-11," and provide a channel for recipients to follow up. 3. Get warm and fuzzy Around the New Year's season, people are spending a lot of time with their families, entertaining at home and thinking about the year to come. This is important to remember when designing a New Year's greeting card. Gear your design and content to play into the general feelings of togetherness, family, home life and New Year's resolutions. Try using pictures of families, homes, hearths and all that good stuff. If your product or service can help with home improvement, personal fitness, nutrition, improving self image or financial security, then play these connections up in the card's copy. For example, good copy for a New Year's card from a gym would be, "Wishing You a Happy New Year and Helping You Look like a '10' in 2010!"

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